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SGVCOG Donation Drives

Through targeted donation drives across the San Gabriel Valley, Village 143 aims to support people experiencing homelessness by collecting essential items to help them meet their basic needs.

Village 143 is named after the pager code for "I Love You" to remind all of us to love each other and support our neighbors through acts of kindness.


SGVCOG will host a new donation drive each quarter to help unhoused SGV community members. Check back for additional information about future Village 143 donation drives!

Baldwin Park Family Site
Current Donation Drive

We are currently collecting donations to support a new shelter site opening in Baldwin Park. This site will provide interim housing for families experiencing homelessness. You can donate items today to help make welcoming homes for families in need. Learn more and donate here!

At this site, each family will gain the safety and stability that comes with having a roof over their heads while being connected to permanent housing. The ability to lock a door at night is instantly life changing as the families will finally able to sleep without fear of the dangers faced on the streets or the instability of not having a place to say. While living in the tiny homes, families will receive case management and housing navigation services to help them get connected to permanent housing and any other services they need.


For any questions about the site, please contact Meredith Sharkey at

Site Rendering.png


Unhoused women often lack access to vital feminine hygiene products. A recent study showed that two in five individuals struggled to afford period products last year, disproportionately impacting African American and Latina women who both reported difficulties paying for these products.


In an effort to address this need the SGVCOG collected donations to create Positive Period Packs, which contained pads, tampons, and other sanitary items. We then partnered with SGV service providers to distribute the packs.

Due to community engagement and generous donations, we were able to create and distribute 150 packs for unhoused women.

Positive Period Packs Drive
Village 143's First Drive

Thank you for helping to support our
unhoused neighbors in the San Gabriel Valley!

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