The SGVCOG adopts various policy papers to outline the position of the agency on priority issues and matters that impact the San Gabriel Valley. These documents are developed based on feedback and input from SGVCOG policy committees, city staff, and stakeholders. Adopted policy papers also guide the developments of the SGVCOG's annual legislative platforms and priorities. 


The SGVCOG recognizes the impact of carbon emissions and supports energy policies that spur economic growth, protect public health, and maintain quality of life while minimizing our impact on natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Policy was originally adopted in 2009 and recently revised in 2021.


The SGVCOG continues to be committed to promote quality of life for all citizens, protect the San Gabriel Valley’s unique watershed and natural environments while guarding against wildfires, and prevent illegal activities and the spread of invasive species. This Policy was originally adopted in 2011 and recently revised in 2021.


The Solid Waste Policy was adopted by the Governing Board in 2009 to identify and implement pragmatic strategies that assist the San Gabriel Valley to plan for integrated, long-term, and reliable solid waste management needs. This Policy was recently revised in 2021 to support local jurisdictions to meet the State's waste reduction goals.


The SGVCOG seeks to promote quality of life for all residents by preserving and protecting the watershed and natural environment from polluted stormwater and to capture it and dry weather runoff to augment local water supplies. This Policy was adopted in 2016 to support agencies with comply to water quality standards. 


The SGVCOG acknowledges that waste generation negatively impacts the health of residents. As a result, a Zero Waste Policy was adopted in 2020 to serve as a long-term guide for the agency's commitment to reducing and eliminating waste and provide a framework for San Gabriel Valley cities and agencies. 

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