San Gabriel Valley Positions on

Homeless Housing, Shelter, and Services Provision

On July 19, 2018, the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments Governing Board adopted the Guiding Principles on Homeless Programs, known as the “San Gabriel Valley Positions on Homeless Housing, Shelter and Services Provision”. The purpose of the white paper is to set reasonable and overarching principles for regional agreement on cities’ sovereign jurisdictional rights, responsibilities, implementation, and elective cooperation in addressing homelessness.


The federal government, State of California, County of Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority pass more legislation and create policies, weaving these into funding opportunities, that are designed to regulate how, where, and when cities must provide homeless housing and programs. The white paper was developed with the participation of eight cities in the San Gabriel Valley to give cities a unified voice to address projects within their jurisdictions.

In addition to the Governing Board, the white paper has been reviewed and approved by the SGVCOG Homelessness Committee and the SGVCOG Executive Committee. Member cities are encouraged to review the position paper and consider individual adoption of this document as a message of solidarity. Please contact SGVCOG staff at if you have any questions and notify the COG when your city joins the list of adopting members.

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