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The 57/60 Confluence will be funded with a combination of Local, State and Federal sources. The current plan is to divide the total project into three phases with three contract packages. By phasing the project, the project will be built in a sequence that best utilizes available funds from the City of Industry, and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The project phasing also follows a logical sequence that will facilitate construction activities in subsequent phases. The three phases are:


PHASE I: Currently Under Construction

Construct the westbound Grand on-ramp and the westbound auxiliary lane on SR-60. Construct interim operation improvements at the Grand Avenue Interchange. 

PHASE IIA: Currently Under Construction

Construct improvements on the arterial highways, including Grand Avenue south of the SR-60 Interchange, Approximately 0.4 miles of Golden Springs drive, and rebuild the intersection of Grand Avenue and Golden Springs Drive.

PHASE IIB: Currently Under Construction

Construction of a westbound off-ramp and an auxiliary lane to Grand Avenue.

PHASE III: Planning in Progress

Construct Grand Avenue Bridge over SR-60, eastbound bypass off-ramp, and bypass connector. The $205M for construction is included in Measure M with a construction start date of 2025. A $35M FASTLANE grant will accelerate the start date to 2019-2020.

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