The San Gabriel Valley's extensive groundwater supply is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the region.  Ensuring that this water is clean and safe is critical to the growth and well-being of our communities.  Water conservation and increased recycled water and stormwater usage is also necessary in order to minimize reliance on the imported water.  Because of the importance of water to the region, in 2009, the SGVCOG expanded its membership to include the Valley's three municipal water districts (Upper San Gabriel Valley MWD, Three Valleys MWD, and San Gabriel Valley MWD).  Proper management of stormwater runoff is another major challenge faced by SGVCOG member agencies.  The recently approved NPDES MS4 Permit brings additional requirements for municipalities, and the SGVCOG has worked to educate member agencies and coordinate implementation efforts.  


Prior Successes:

  • Provided administrative support of Los Angeles (LA) Permit Group

  • Developed a priority water project list

  • Educated member agencies on NPDES MS4 permit requirements

Key Outcomes:

  • Increasing funding for water projects, including specifically dedicated, ongoing funding sources for stormwater projects

  • Increasing compliance with State mandates and goals associated with water conservation and recycled water

View the SGVCOG's Strategic Plan for Water.

Upcoming meeting agendas for the Water Resources Working Group can be found on the Meeting Agendas page.  Previous meeting agendas and minutes can be found at the Previous Agendas and Minutes page.  

In Fiscal Year 2013, the Governing Board adopted the FY 2014-2017 Strategic Plan, which identified the following 5 issue areas in which the SGVCOG will focus its efforts over the next 3 years.   

Water Quality & NPDES MS4

Water Conservation, Recycling, & Recharge


Water Reliability

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