History of the SGVCOG

By the early 1990s, regional leaders recognized that the San Gabriel Valley was not receiving its fair share of funding in transportation dollars and services.  They saw a growing need for the region to have a collective voice in order to be more effective in bringing these dollars and services to the San Gabriel Valley.  They saw the opportunity for the region to develop and implement its own subregional policies and plans and to cooperatively resolve differences amongst themselves with a more representative and formal structure. 


The San Gabriel Valley Association of Cities, an unincorporated association of cities that preceded the SGVCOG, was a valuable forum for exchanging ideas and sharing information amongst member cities.  However, as an informal association, it did not have the necessary structure and authority to conduct studies and projects that would allow the cities to coordinate more widely on a regional basis to bring more services to the region.  To address this issue, several regional leaders developed the idea of a Council of Governments, and went to all of the City Council meetings across the region, encouraging San Gabriel Valley cities to join.  


With 29 member cities, the SGVCOG was formed as a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) in 1994.  


Since that time, the SGVCOG has actively worked to advance the interests of its member agencies in many areas - transportation, open space, the environment, housing.  Through these efforts, and the efforts of the member agencies, the San Gabriel Valley has developed a stronger regional voice and has been able to bring dollars and services to the region.  

San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

1000 S. Fremont Ave; Unit 42 - Bldg. A-10N, Suite 10-210; Alhambra, CA 91803 

(626) 457-1800         sgv@sgvcog.org