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The San Gabriel Valley Energy Champion Awards recognize San Gabriel Valley agencies' efforts for increasing energy efficiency in municipal facilities and engaging in long-term strategic planning for energy efficiency. The goal is to motivate cities, school districts, and special districts to take further actions toward energy efficiency. Cities and agencies must meet thresholds in municipal and community energy efficiency and community outreach in order to achieve recognition levels.


All cities, school districts, and special districts in the San Gabriel Valley are eligible to participate. Details regarding the 2022-2023 Energy Champion Awards' structure can be found below. 


The structure of the 2022-2023 San Gabriel Valley Energy Champion Awards is designed to help cities and agencies execute and receive credit for projects that may surpass a one-year timeline. It follows a progression toward becoming a “champion” in energy efficiency, which is the title of the final recognition tier. Prior to achieving Champion recognition, cities and agencies must first achieve Silver, Gold, then Platinum. Jurisdictions will have until November 9, 2023 to submit proof of completion for their desired recognition level. If you are interested in participating in the Energy Champion Awards please fill out the sign up form here.

2022-2023 Award Structure

*Jurisdictions who enroll into the SoCalREN Public Agency Programs after the beginning of the 2022 must coordinate with SGVCOG staff about possible adjustments immediately after enrollment.

** Examples of marketing campaigns and Energy Efficiency Action Items can be found on the Energy Champion Awards Guidebook. 

Previous winners of the Energy Champion Awards:

Silver: Arcadia, Claremont, Monrovia, Montebello, San Gabriel, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and Walnut
Gold: Foothill Transit
Platinum: Duarte and Irwindale

Silver: San Dimas
Gold: Alhambra, Arcadia, Claremont, Duarte, El Monte, Irwindale, La Verne, Monrovia, Pomona, San Gabriel, South El Monte, South Pasadena, Walnut, and EMUHSD

Details regarding the previous San Gabriel Valley Energy Champion Awards structures can be found below:

Management Aide

Management Aide

Questions and inquiries regarding the Energy Champion Awards can be directed to the following individuals:

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