2013 Annual Leadership Awards Reception 

On July 18, 2013, the SGVOG hosted its 9th Annual Leadership Awards Reception at the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel.  At the event, recipients were recognized for their tireless commitment to improving the San Gabriel Valley.  The following individuals were recognized:

Judy Wright Award: Francis M. Delach

Fran Delach served as Interim Executive Director for the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG) during a period of tremendous change and public scrutiny.  Prior to joining the SGVCOG, Mr. Delach served in the public sector for nearly thirty years, including twenty-two years in the City of Covina, where he served as the City Manager for seven years.  Most recently, he served as the City Manager of the City of Azusa for seven years, before retiring in 2011.  While at Azusa, Mr. Delach served as President of the San Gabriel Valley City Managers Association and was appointed by the National League of Cities to the National Stream Line Sales Tax Local Government Advisory Committee where he served for almost 6 years.  In addition to his experience in the public sector, Fran served as Chief Administrative Officer of HdL Companies.  HdL is a leading revenue consulting firm that developed California’s first computerized sales tax management program.  Mr. Delach is being recognized with the Judy Wright Award for his leadership role while interim at the SGVCOG.  Mr. Delach was recognized for his leadership during a tumultuous period and for his guidance as the SGVCOG underwent a major transition in its staffing model and hired its first full-time Executive Director. 


Jack Phillips Award: Rick Richmond

Rick Richmond served as Chief Executive Officer of the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority (ACE) from 1998, shortly after the agency was established, until his retirement in May 2013. Mr. Richmond was responsible for implementing The ACE Project, a program of rail-roadway grade separations and at-grade crossings and mobility improvements in the San Gabriel Valley.  Under Mr. Richmond’s leadership, ACE grew from a small agency to a fully functional construction authority, responsible for implementing a program of 22 highway-rail grade separations and safety and mobility improvements at another 39 at-grade crossings at an estimated cost of $1.7 billion.  Mr. Richmond previously served as Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission, a predecessor agency to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, overseeing construction of the Blue and Green light rail lines and implementing a local sales tax program for transit funding. Mr. Richmond is being recognized with the Jack Phillips Award for his innovation in the planning and implementation of The ACE Project which has dramatically improved rail safety and traffic mobility in the San Gabriel Valley.

Spirit of Service Award: Mayor Mary Ann Lutz

Mary Ann Lutz has served on the Monrovia City Council since 2003, and was elected Mayor in 2009.  She is one of only two female Mayors in Los Angeles County that is separately elected.  She is the Vice-President of the SGVCOG and Chair of the Water Working Group, and previously served as the Chair of the Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee.  From 2004 to 2012, Mayor Lutz served as the municipal representative on the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control, representing the city and county agencies in Los Angeles, Ventura and parts of Kern Counties.  During her tenure on the Board, she held several leadership positions, including Chair and Vice-Chair.  In addition to her work on regional issues, Mayor Lutz has dedicated over 20 years of service to the City of Monrovia, volunteering for a variety of local clubs and organizations.  As a member of the SGVCOG, Mayor Lutz works diligently to ensure each member’s unique position is heard and builds consensus by focusing on issues and common goals and objectives.  Mayor Lutz is being recognized with the Spirit of Service award for her exemplary efforts to pursue objectives on behalf of all the cities and her work to build a better, safer, more attractive and sustainable future for the entire San Gabriel Valley.


Spirit of Service Award: Congresswoman Grace Napolitano

First elected to Congress in 1998, Rep. Napolitano is currently serving her eighth term. Her Los Angeles County-based district covers several cities and communities in the San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles County areas. Napolitano has been a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources since the 106th Congress, and is currently the Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Water and Power.  She is also a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and co-chairs the bipartisan Congressional Mental Health Caucus.  Despite her varied commitments at the national level, Congresswoman Napolitano spends a considerable amount of time in her District, understanding its unique issues, challenges, priorities and is ardent advocate for the San Gabriel Valley. Congresswoman Napolitano is being recognized with the Spirit of Service Award for her commitment to her community and the larger San Gabriel Valley.

Consensus Building Award: Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney serves as a Senior Management Analyst for the City of Monrovia’s Department of Public Works, overseeing the  Environmental Services and Administration Sections.  Heather leads the team responsible for planning and monitoring the department’s budget, strategic planning, integrated solid waste program and franchise management, energy efficiency, stormwater quality program management, and the City’s Green Team. Ms. Maloney is being recognized with the Consensus-Building Award for her work in facilitating the efforts of the LA Permit Group, which is a collaborative project involving more than 50 cities in Los Angeles County to negotiate a municipal storm water permit.  The LA Permit Group works to address water quality priorities on a watershed scale, establishes more environmentally effective results, and manages, to the extent possible, the costs to cities to improve water quality.


Sustainability Award: City of Pomona

One of the most significant challenges to the City of Pomona’s groundwater supply is the presence of Perchlorate.  The US EPA has determined that Perchlorate can have potential adverse health effects and has established standards to limit the amount of Perchlorate in drinking water.  To address this issue, the City constructed a Water Treatment facility at the Chino Basin Wells, known as AEP-3, that has the capacity to treat up to 16.4 million gallons of groundwater daily.  Highlights of this $8.1 million project include the following:

  • Removing Perchlorate from the groundwater.

  • Providing the community with safe drinking water equivalent to the usage of 21,840 typical single family residential customers in a year.

  • Increasing regional and local water supply reliability and reducing the need for imported water.

  • Minimizing the spread of Perchlorate to other agencies.

The City of Pomona is being recognized with the Sustainability Award for its commitment to the environment by ensuring a reliable source of safe drinking water for residents and businesses in Pomona and the San Gabriel Valley.



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